Monday, February 14, 2011

3 tips on writing content preferred

How to write content that is preferred? there are some properties of the preferred content:
1. content "How-To
It is a staple pillar concept. Think about your industry and write a article that teaches how to do something about the topic that you mastered and have experience there. Some possible examples: 
  • If you are a marketing consultant, write some advice about how to market a business without spending money.
  • If you blogging about dogs, write how to choose a dog appropriate.
  • If you blogging about food, write recipes for preparing meals.
  • If you blogging about your life, write how-to guide in development away from the lessons of life experience that you get (for example How do you get a job, how do you broke with your boyfriend, etc.)
 This should be reasonable where the topic of how-to is very popular and relevant to your audience and you feel have the ability to explain it. Remember to tell story if you can!
2. definition content
Some industries have a concept unknown to new readers. If a concept is complicated, a pillar article that explains the concept, describing clearly what it means and how it can be implemented. It may seem simple and obvious to you, but remember that your expert in your field, so explain this to newcomers with a simple and, of course, try to tell a story as an example. A page definition glossary is a pillar of a good article. If there are several key concepts in your industry, write an article that lists the concepts and provides a one-paragraph definition for each concept. A resource like this is very good as a reference and referred back to by blogs and other websites. You may ask why do this if most terms are already defined in other places like wikipedia? It's okay to link to other websites, especially for the short term when you are just starting, but it would be better if you write your own definition. This keeps readers to your blog, increase your pageviews (total number of pages of your blog readers) and visitor length (how long readers stay on your blog). You can explain in your own words, using a unique story and voice your own. it builds credibility and trust. Smarter if you own version of a definition if you are capable to explain a term or concept of the link to another site and give your traffic. 
3. one more item that is popular is the List of articles
You may have seen on several other blogs. Usually the title reads "Seven surefire way to ..." or "10 Tips For Improving ..." etc.. These work well for some reason:
  • Lists are easily digested by humans.It's been tested and proved that the articles of 300-700 words are many and obvious contains a list of dot-point bullets and compelling headline is driving traffic nice.
  •  Lists provide direct lessons that can be carried on and people love to share lists with others. Consequently list articles are often linked to by others and add to social bookmarking sites that bring traffic
 if you want to learn more about blogging please click here or visit because this site explains a lot about blogging and I learned from this site.

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