Sunday, March 13, 2011

Blogs are preferred by google

Blogs are preferred by google is a blogger. Why? for bloggers is one part of google. Blogger is a blog that is easily learned than wordpress etc. Because bloggers do not necessarily have to install a direct instant for beginners it is suitable to create a blog. If you want to make money online through blogs or marketing promotion ppc example, bloggers can use to make money online. Few tips to get started blogging:

  • Make your blog unique title for your blog can easily appear in google search engine (also writes the blog title that is unique in your html)
  • Make the description text in your html.
  • Make each page title unique.
The above tips are a way for blogs to appear in google search engine and if you want to register your blog to google search engine then register your blog at:
Now we discuss about creating content are preferred. In the world of online business internet lots and lots of competition and how to overcome all these things? how to deal with is:

  • Make the content that you like eg your hobbies, your experience, your activities or make the content that you are always talking about.
  • In the content make an example of marketing your hobby of fishing then create content that is titled "how fishing is good and true" but the content you have to have a bit of marketing such as affiliate marketing then you sell a product about how fishing is good and right.
  • Make a ten-quality content and promote your blog through commenting on other blogs. Why should ten quality content? reason for visitors are not disappointed in visiting your blog.
  • Promote your site in an article directory such as
  • Register your blog on /
  • One thing if you want to quickly get visitors is put the ad and I recommend Chitika please visit why I recommend Chitika? because Chitika has a network of more than 100,000 websites.

Time to make money. Lots of money-producing sites such as product marketing and ppc. And I recommend money-producing sites include:

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Blogging is the new poetry. I find it wonderful and amazing in many ways.

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