Saturday, March 19, 2011

A quick way to keep the blog appears in google search engine

Currently many laymen confusion why the blog does not appear in the search engine google quickly when he enrolled in the program a free seo or paid services. And here I will discuss how to quickly so that the blog appears in google search engine for free. Indeed, google has provided facilities for easy blog appears in google search engine but probably many people who have yet to figure out how fast and friendly quick blog to appear in the google search engine without removing the cost (free). From experience I'm currently studying seo I always send my blog site to seo services company and what the consequences? Email I always send promotion-promotion that makes me confused and may be sent email spam etc. After I learn and navigate to the search engines for a little over a year I find the best, fastest, and free quick blog to appear in the search engine google and I provide this information for free. You can prove it with how to type the word "hotodetip" in the google search engine then you will see the blog I was in the top rankings of google search engine. And these tips the quickest way to blog appears in google search engine:

  • make a tags page title a unique and accurate. By making the title unique and accurate then it will notify the user and search engine on the topic of a particular page.
  • use meta tags "description". Page description meta tag gives google and other search engines a summary of a page.
  • improve the structure of the url. That make it simple for example site url such as
  • make the site so that more easily in navigation
  • offer quality content and services, with an easy way to write text in reading, stay in the set around a topic, use the relavan language, and offer exclusive content or services.
  • optimize the use of the image. The image can be a component directly from your site, but its usage can be optimized. All images can have different names and attributes "alt", should you take advantage of. Recommended practices for images that use the file name and the text of the alt is short, but descriptive, providing alt text when using images as links, save the image in its own directory, and use the common file types such as JPEG, most browser GIF, PNG, and BMP.
  • use with robots.txt. the file "robot.txt" tells the search engines whether they can access and then crept in your site.
Promote your site with the right way. Many of the bloggers are newbies who promote the site with spam and it's very annoying and hate by the google team. But I advocate to promote the site as follows:

  • make blog posts are original and register your blog to rss feed (
  • promote your site is offline. For example your site listed in the business card, business cards, posters etc.
  • promote your site on social media. E.g. facebook, twitter, and linkedin.
  • Try communicating with related sites. E.g. your blog about "making money on the internet" then try to communicate with a site that explains about related sites so that you get the warm and additional ideas on the topic.
  • register your blog at and
  • register your blog at
After you do that on top of it in your blog will appear in the search engine google is more or less a day. And remember you have to understand about the tag title, tags, tag keyword computer discription, and tag your blog appears to be heading in a short time and do not forget to visit the site because this Web site provides tips, definitions, and how to about blogging and always updated. And if there are errors in writing please unforgivable. 

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