Thursday, January 17, 2013

Five Ways to Train the Brain Function

Organ called the brain is important because it works as a command center of the body. Not just a physical affair, emotions were regulated and controlled by the brain. Simple to perform physical activity problem solving, all of which require brain work.If you have been hard to focus, easily distracted in completing tasks, it may be because you are losing brain works. Easy to forget and hard to remember people's names can also
be a sign of brain performance decreases. But all of that can be prevented and treated with memory exercises.Experts from brain training sites, Lumosity, said it was important to train your brain on a regular basis. The advantage of exercising your brain, not just maintain brain health but also the health of the overall body. If you are still confused how to train your brain, here's how easy it is: 
1. Eating right 
Perhaps you've been eating healthy by maintaining your body's health reasons. Well, why not add a reason: to eat for brain health. Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants that help prevent damage to brain cells, and omega-3 fatty acids are essential for your brain. Remember this if you want to eat, so that brain health nutrients are met. 
2. Sport 
Regular exercise can help keep your brain health by balancing the brain chemicals and more efficient blood circulation. Studies even show that physical exercise can stimulate the production of new brain cells. 
3. Associate
 Reduce spending time interacting with social media like Facebook. Start doing social interaction in physical form. Invite friends to meet and hang out together, make a lunch, or a weekend getaway together. Humans are social beings, and that means our brains are very fond of social contact. Research has also shown that having an active social life prevents dementia or memory loss. 
4. Sleep 
Sleep plays an important role in memory formation. Your brain uses sleep to process and understand the activities you do throughout the day, consolidating memories, and generate new ideas that creative. 
5. Memory Exercises
 The best exercise for your brain is a challenging game that requires intelligence, such as memory games that stimulate different parts of your brain. Play the game or do crossword puzzles are just a few examples. In this game there is a degree of difficulty in solving the problem. So when a game of memory you have already felt too easy, increase the time level. A game that trains the brain can even help increase the willingness and self-motivation are useful in all aspects of your life.

Source: Glamour

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