Thursday, February 24, 2011

Two Ways to Write Content That Makes Money

In the current era the internet is one of the popular application. Where the whole world can perform such activities through the Internet to communicate via chat, social networking (facebook,twitter,and Linkedin), forums, etc. And did not rule out a lot of people doing business on the Internet such as selling a product. Here will provide little information I have is how to make money through blogging. And these little tips from me:
1. at the time of blogging write good content. Write content that can change the lives of people who read your content, for example you're a marketing then write content that describes how to do marketing.
2. Another key is marketing. When you write a content then your content should be marketing such as writing good content and a little promotion For example if you have a hobby of fishing write content that shows you how fishing is good and true, if you have a hobby of playing games write tips and tricks on playing games etc.
That's two basic keys to make money through blogging and if you're still confused about how to make money through blogging and I have a friend who gives a free book entitled The Blog Profits Blueprint This book explains how to write content with pillar method, how to conduct
a campaign with the communication channel etc. If you want it please visit the website at or
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And I have a quick way to get traffic may be a small charge is put the ad, and I recommend that place advertising as follows:

  • Chitika ( ). Chitika has more than 100,000 networks. Chitika can do for an advertiser is Target ads to search queries (CPC), 30 million searches per day, predictive targeting technology, and you can import ads from Google Adwords Campaign. Chitika Advertisers pleased to provide access to Chitika Ads Target Users Network. Chitika is designed to target ads to specific user's search query in Chitika Premium Publisher Network. Chitika for Advertisers provides the ability to display ads on the site Chitika Network 80,000 + publishers who received more than 201 + million unique users per month. If you are still not clear please visit
  • Place an ad in bidvertiser. Bidvertiser is a place advertising the cheapest about $0.01 per click ads that are valid. And when it is not clear please visit
Once you put an ad on both sites then wait for the results, then you will get many visitors and that's when you create a website that will determine whether visitors will return to your website? or vice versa.
One thing for visitors returning to your website constantly create content that is useful for people who read it and give a free report that can change the lives of these people.

That's information that I know and if there are errors in writing please excuse

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